Do you ask the BIG questions?

There are many lists of things that highly creative people do. I’m not going to replicate one of those here but just leave readers with one question to answer:

Do you ask the BIG questions?

Creative people are curious and highly creative people are very curious indeed. Rather than just wander through life they will wonder how, what, why, when etc about almost everything. They will not be trivial questions like ‘I wonder why Mrs Jones painted her door blue’ but more profound like ‘If you could track the water molecules in a river, where would they go?’ or ‘If the mountain came to Mohammed, how many lorry loads of rock were there?’.

Such thoughts lead to other things, ideas get played with or maybe shared and then the Eureka moment happens!

Creative people also have a habit of saying ‘Hold that thought’ and then going off on another tack or suspending belief completely. One of my favourite quotes is from an old children’s favourite – Winnie The Pooh.

“Hallo Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” “Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.”

So do you ask the big questions are are you concerned with how many hours it is until you can go home from work? Do some homework, think big, daydream, go off-piste with your thinking and play. Let me know how you get on.


Calling all CEOs – here are some ways to encourage Creativity

As CEO, if you want people to be creative, you must be prepared to implement their viable ideas. Employees will soon work out that your support of creativity is a sham and will hold back on the creativity. After all, what’s the point in making the effort to develop and promote ideas if they just get ignored?


Making Use Of The Mood Hoovers

Do you have some of those negative people in your business who just suck the life out of you? If you are self employed maybe you are surrounded by some. What do you do about them?

I spent some time talking to individuals who provide coaching and their take on it was to simply ignore these people. This could work if you work on your own and can make that choice but what about those people who work in organisations?

Negativity, like positivity is a resource that can be used so why ignore or waste it? Lets actively make use of it. But how?

There are a number of creative or alternative techniques that can be used to harness negative energy which I will not go into here, however the fundamental principle is the same. Even the most positive of us have a negative streak so let s first of all use this to create something. Maybe it is a whole heap of ideas or a story. As long as there is some sort of mapping between our negative output and something positive in the real world.

So why is this good? First of all, you will get a lot of output! Secondly when we generate ideas we find it easy to judge them. You will have noticed many comments such as ‘that won’t work’ or ‘we can’t afford that’. If what you are producing is in fact negative, the mood hoovers will find it very difficult to judge!


The Smell Of Creativity

For me, it often takes just 10 minutes to understand whether an organisation is open to new creative ideas. I can smell it in the air. And I think that most of us have this skill, the ability to understand the unwritten rules of company culture.

Read the whole article by colleague Sofie Sandell here.


Creative Thinking For Busy People

Too busyYou don’t have time to attend a creativity workshop or read a book on the matter but you might just have time to read a short article. Read on, this is the article that you have been waiting for! Whether you want to try a few creative things for the first time or just want something to try on the fly then this is for you. Take note of, or try the following:

1) Ignore what other people think of your ideas or talent (at least for today). You know yourself better than they do.

2) Spend as much time as possible with creative people. You will find that the most consistently creative people are children because they have not had their creativity removed by our education systems. “Mind merging” with them can remind you of  the time when there was no box to think outside of!

3) If you have trouble getting started with creative thinking then the answer lies inside you. Everyone is creative, but if you don’t think you’re ‘good’ enough to be creative, or think very little of your own ideas the the chances are you will become a self fulfilling prophecy and dull as ditch water. The solution?  Raise your self esteem and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to be your creative self.

4) Whenever you’re challenged to create something or come up with new ideas, ask yourself: What’s the most outrageous, preposterous, and nonsensical thing I can come up with? Use these ideas as  springboards for other less outrageous ideas that you could use on a daily basis.

5) Change the ways you do things, take another route to work, watch TV with one eye or read while you are on the toilet. Just try doing everyday things differently.

6) Change the colours of objects that you surround yourself with. Some studies have shown that a blue environment enhances creativity but red causes us to pay more attention to detail. You could try these two colours or simply experiment.

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