Learn To Value Play

As young children we play without thinking about what we are doing. Sticks become spears and swords and cardboard boxes make great castles. These, and other methods of play allow us to experience the real world but in a non-threatening way. Also we engage our imagination without the presence of the artificial barriers or filters that adults tend to employ.


Creativity Is There Already, Nurture It

This is about valuing the creative potential in all of us, and trying to create room for it to flourish. Each of us has the ability to be creative, even if this only exists in small amounts. Such skills can be enhanced and amplified by employing the relevant tools and techniques.


Build Up, Don’t Knock Down

‘Building’ techniques are extremely powerful, often very portable and can have very positive secondary effects. They allow you to take virtually any input – a random piece of news, a misunderstanding or an accidental meeting – and get useful ideas from it.


Making Use Of The Mood Hoovers

Do you have some of those negative people in your business who just suck the life out of you? If you are self employed maybe you are surrounded by some. What do you do about them?

I spent some time talking to individuals who provide coaching and their take on it was to simply ignore these people. This could work if you work on your own and can make that choice but what about those people who work in organisations?

Negativity, like positivity is a resource that can be used so why ignore or waste it? Lets actively make use of it. But how?

There are a number of creative or alternative techniques that can be used to harness negative energy which I will not go into here, however the fundamental principle is the same. Even the most positive of us have a negative streak so let s first of all use this to create something. Maybe it is a whole heap of ideas or a story. As long as there is some sort of mapping between our negative output and something positive in the real world.

So why is this good? First of all, you will get a lot of output! Secondly when we generate ideas we find it easy to judge them. You will have noticed many comments such as ‘that won’t work’ or ‘we can’t afford that’. If what you are producing is in fact negative, the mood hoovers will find it very difficult to judge!